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First of all - reminder that the chevrotain is on sale for only one more day (today), and will then go back to being $50. It's cheap right now, go git it!

Second - I've decided to extend the spherepig commission time to November. That means you can design and own your own spherewhatever for $20 during all of October. Hooray!

Third - October is going to be heavy on the bats, because it seems like a very bat-appropriate month. The bats will most likely not be as detailed as the other one I made because I intend to make a lot of them, but that also means they'll be cheaper, so yay!

COMMISSION STATUS: Currently 6 custom creturs in the queue, so commissions are closed for now if you're in a hurry. If you're not in a hurry and don't mind waiting 3 or 4 weeks, by all means feel free to contact me about it. :)
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For the month of September (and maybe also later, donno!) I'm offering custom-made, customer-designed spherepigs for $20!

It is a felted wool sphere with a piggy nose, and may have eyes, wings, hair, legs, etc etc. Here is an example of one:
and here is an example of a doable variation:

First, choose from the following options:

Color - Midnight blue, turquoise, bright aqua, neon green, forest green, yellow, amber, apricot, bright orange, baby pink, neon pink, strawberry red, bright red, dark red, plum purple, chestnut, chocolate brown, black, silver gray.

Size - Anywhere between an inch and a half and 3 inches in circumference.

Eyes - Large or small, solid color or over white, whatever color you like from the ones listed above, whatever distance from each other.

Extras - Legs, wings, a tail, a mohawk, a curl of hair, whatever you can think of!

Then, send me a note with your request. I'll let you know if it's doable, you paypal me $20 and give me a mailing address, and within a week your spherical swine will be on its way to you!
OR you can buy it through my Etsy page: